A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for Mark Brown's Game Maker's Toolkit GameJam 2019. The theme is "Only One"

You have six actions buttons. Three are jumps (at various heights), and three are attacks (with some different properties). You can only use each once per stage. Plan out how to use your actions to get to the goal with as few actions used as possible.

For an extra challenge, you can try to get each stage's perfect* rating, using the minimum number of actions needed to clear a stage. You may be able to clear all 20 levels, but can you perfect all 20?

*May not actually be the perfect rating, this is just the best I know you can do on each level. There may be a better possible clear that I don't know about, and the game will acknowledge it if you find one. Please let me know if you can figure any out!


If you have trouble using the undo or fast forward buttons, they are supposed to be mapped to the < and > keys, but on my keyboard these are also the comma (,) and period (.) keys. So if < and > don't work or aren't keys on your keyboard, try comma and period. 

Install instructions

Extract the zip, and run N55-GMTKJam2019.exe


Actions Limited.zip 164 MB


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This is a super-cute and thoughtful little puzzle game! Level 7 was the toughest for me, after that I got through the rest of 'em pretty handily. Thanks for making and sharing this!